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College of Visual Arts, Theatre and Dance / Dean's Advisory Board

Dean's Advisory Board

The College of Visual Arts, Theatre & Dance is pleased to introduce the members of our inaugural Dean's Advisory Board. These outstanding individuals include alumni of many of our top programs, from theatre and dance to art and design, and everything in between! Some members are not alumni but have become strong supporters of our students and programs through other avenues. Every member, regardless of alumni status, is a person of insight and accomplishment who maintains a strong attachment to The Florida State University and particularly to our great arts programs. It is especially heartening to work with such fine people, who all have continued to grow and prosper through passion and dedication throughout their lives and careers.




The Board meets twice annually and is actively engaged throughout the year in helping the College meet its vision of becoming the top-ranked institution for visual arts, theatre, and dance in the country. Members advise the Dean and other administrators based upon their own professional and personal experiences, and help us focus on our values:

  • Put students at the forefront of all efforts and prepare them for successful academic and professional careers.
  • Emphasize care and attention to the needs of each student by maintaining manageable class sizes and providing individual guidance.
  • Respect the full range of the arts and scholarship, from old to new and from mainstream to highly innovative.
  • Serve as an educational, professional, and cultural resource in the arts, theatre and dance for the entire campus community, state, and nation.
  • Stress innovative guest series that invite prominent artists and scholars who involve students and faculty with current issues in the arts and expose them to a wide range of practices and research.

Many thanks to these outstanding
Board members:

  • Ben Bivins
  • Mark Cecil
  • Kim Cooke
  • Thomas Deans
  • Gloria Deison
  • Aram Ebban
  • Segundo Fernandez
  • Frank Flynn
  • David Gilchrist
  • Doug Grimmett
  • Mart Hill
  • Emily James
  • Emory Johnson
  • Joe Johnson
  • Howard Kessler
  • Debra Lachter
  • Kathryn Leach
  • Jessie Lovano-Kerr
  • Sue Markham
  • Dan Markley
  • Sharon Maxwell-Ferguson
  • Meredith McKinney
  • Tim O’Brien
  • Audra Price Pittman 
  • Brett Player
  • Sandy Proctor
  • Randy Rhea
  • Ina Schnell
  • Randy Ser
  • Jim Tafel
  • Marcia Thornberry
  • Chuck Whited

For a photo slideshow of the 2013 Advisory Board Meeting, CLICK HERE