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College of Visual Arts, Theatre and Dance / News / Archive / Fall 2010 / FSU professor's napkin sketch earns kudos in national contest

FSU professor's napkin sketch earns kudos in national contest

See an interview with Professor Dawkins

On a small cocktail napkin strategically stained with coffee, award-winning architect and interior design Assistant Professor Jim Dawkins produced a pen-and-ink drawing of a simple country church framed by a sepia-tinted sky.

The first-ever national competition of its kind was open to practicing U.S. architects and architecture students and “drew” a total of 1,322 pen-and-ink entries on the requisite 5” by 5” paper napkins. Only 16 entries earned accolades from Architectural Record’s jury of editors. Dawkins was among the 16 earning an Entry of Merit nod in the 2010 Cocktail Napkin Sketch Contest, sponsored by the venerable industry magazine Architectural Record.

To view Dawkins’ cocktail napkin sketch, which depicts a small church similar to many of those found throughout the rural southeastern United States, visit the magazine’s website.
To read the full story, click here.

To learn more about Florida State University’s distinguished interior design program, featuring an emphasis on sustainable design principles, visit their website.