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College of Visual Arts, Theatre and Dance / News / Archive / Summer 2011 / SIX

SIX - A New Collection of Student Work from CVATD's Student Leadership Council

Images from SIX

Conceived by the 2011 CVATD College Leadership Council, SIX is an annual collection of work by students of Florida State University’s College of Visual Arts, Theatre & Dance. The publication was created and executed completely by students from the initial call for submissions to the curation, text editing, and design. CVATD is proud to offer a digital version of this inaugural publication.

"Six, more than anything else, was a collaboration. The members of the College Leadership Council (CLC), who represent all of the schools in our College, brainstormed about how we might promote/represent/celebrate the students in the CVATD," said editor Aaron C. Thomas. "When the idea arose for a publication that would be able to accomplish all of these things as well as really allow our CLC to work together to make something, we decided almost immediately that we wanted to do it."


SIX [pdf] 

Aaron C. Thomas

Associate Editors:
Gabrielle Baez, Heather Cook, Kristin Gula, Nicole Hoffmann, Brogen McLarry, Katie Swider

Danielle Delph